Logo Design Brief

Please answer a few questions about your company, product or service that will help to choose the right development direction.
What is your name or the name of your company? Who will make the final decision on approval of the project?
The full name of the company, service or product in the form and language in which it will appear in the logo.
Tell me about your company: scope, plans, goals, mission, etc.
What is your unique selling point?
Who are your main competitors? What is your advantage over them?
Describe your potential customer: age, gender, occupation, income, etc. Why they choose exactly your company, service or product?
Target Audience’s Motivation
What should guide potential customers when choosing your company, service or product — intellect or emotions? Is it going to be like “Wow, looks great!” or conveys a rich, trust-worthy business?
Why do you want a new visual identity?
What message do you want to convey to your target audience? How people should perceive your brand?
Graphical Solution
Do you have any specific imagery that you wish to use?
Any other important information that will help during the brand development.