Aleksey Busygin

Graphic Designer
I am a dedicated and meticulous professional with over a decade of experience in graphic design. My expertise lies in crafting logos and developing visual identities. I create images and visual systems that convey my clients' messages to their audience in a clear and comprehensible manner. Feel free to visit this page to browse through reviews.

Izhevsk State Technical University
Engineer (Specialist degree)
Visual Identity

since 2007
Graphic Designer

Although I specialize in a particular domain of graphic design, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of aspects within it. Some of the areas I have experience in include: creating logos, pictograms, and other elements of visual identity; composing the layout of business documents, presentations, and guidelines; developing the design for packaging, outfits, and promotional products; designing navigation and user interface elements.

since 2021
IT Company

Lead Graphic Designer

I was responsible for a company’s rebranding process. I worked on redesigning logos for various departments, internal and external projects, podcasts, and events. Additionally, I developed a new visual identity system which encompassed visual branding in social media, 3D illustrations, and design templates for business documentation and promotional materials. I also conceptualized a line of corporate merchandise, including six seasonal drops of clothing and accessories.

since 2023
IT Faculty (Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems)

Lecturer (Graphic Design)

I contributed to the development of the Product and Graphic Design educational course, and delivered a set of lectures on graphic design and branding as part of it.