Lead Graphic Designer
Technokratos — Senior
  • Alexey was deeply involved in the development of the Design Department and prepared a internal presentation about graphic design every week. A very versatile and responsible person. He is distinguished by his attention to detail and deep approach to work. Makes cool and well-developed presentations. For me, a true professional in his field.
  • Lesha is a professional. Sense of style, tact, intelligence, analytical and presentation skills are at the highest level.
    This is the case when a person does more than you expected. Does it quickly and efficiently. Always informs about the progress of the task and deadlines. Additionally, he can recommend several options. You can give Aleksey a task and not worry. The result will be great.
    Together we created many cool projects. For example, the creation of 2 capsules of corporate merch won the HR Brand Award.
  • Aleksey is a great professional in his field, who always approaches tasks with intelligence and creativity. Aleksey clearly justifies each of his decisions and adds the necessary context. Actively works with new technologies and applies them in his projects in order to differentiate himself from competitors and optimize his work. I’m very glad that I was lucky enough to work with Aleksey.
  • Aleksey is a professional in his field! We work together in the same company, but in different departments, very closely related. Over the entire period of work, I have only positive feedback: he has a great sense of the assigned tasks, takes a responsible approach to the implementation of the idea, he is attentive, suggests and discusses how to do it 200%. Absolutely every presale presentation left not only me and my colleagues, but also the customers themselves, indifferent.

Graphic Designer
Branding — Freelance
  • Thanks to Alexey, the process of logo creation had a wow effect on us. In just eight days, we got an awesome design not requiring any improvements and completely in line with our understanding of beauty and style.
  • How often do you accept a proposed design right away, without asking for amendments or modifications? Alexey’s work is that kind of work: performed timely and properly, delivering a high-quality result. We are looking forward to further cooperation.
    Frontend Developer in Flant
  • Aleksey has created logos for two projects. I am very satisfied with his approach to work and the outcome: original ideas that accurately convey the intended goals, clear explanations and descriptions, stylish aesthetics of the final product, and meticulous attention to detail. Moreover, Aleksey consistently provides information on the project’s progress and ensures transparency throughout the process.
  • I am very thankful to Aleksey for creating a wonderful logo for quite a challenging project. He felt exactly what we needed and found just the right image and style.
    Project Manager in Lazure Hotel
  • Together with Alexey, we developed logos for the news agency of the Moscow Region’s largest municipality. The client is happy with the result. We liked Alexey’s adherence to deadlines and his attention to details.
    Communications Manager in Mercator
  • Our company has worked with Alexey for several years on a large number of design projects, from logo creation to household appliances styling. Our clients never cease to admire the way our products look, which is the result of work of many people, and Alexey is one of them.
    Development Manager in Kuche
  • It is so great to be able to fully trust a professional and get excellent results that require only minor revisions and cause almost no stress. Aleksey has attained a good understanding of our brand and has successfully brought our ideas to life.
    Head of Marketing Department in Zolotoy Lev
  • Alexey is not only a talented and skillful designer, but also a very responsible contractor. The very exception to the rule, where creativity does not interfere with timeliness, accuracy or quality.
    General Manager in Papaton Studio
  • We engaged Alexey to work on a branding project. The result was great, and I am happy to have turned to him. The scale and quality of Alexey’s work are indicative of his high expertise.
    Creative Director in Backbone
  • Our agency worked with Alexey on a number of visual identity projects. Excellent execution, timely delivery, prompt reaction to comments.
    General Manager in Hiqe Group

Graphic Design Educational Course — KFU
  • Studying at the Kazan Federal University’s Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems, I attended Aleksey’s lectures on Graphic Design for one semester. I was truly impressed by his ability to engage the audience, including the students pursuing a career outside of the design field. I learned a lot of new things that I can apply in my everyday life, even as a mobile developer. I would be happy to take more courses from Aleksey in the future.
  • I attended Aleksey’s Graphic Design course for four months, and I was absolutely satisfied with both the program and the approach to students. I was impressed by the way each topic was explained from scratch using real-life brands as examples. I highly recommend Aleksey’s lectures to anyone who is interested in learning about authentic graphic design and receiving valuable feedback.